Warrior saint

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Andreu Sala
Linya, 1627? – Cardona, 1708
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The halo over the head and the dress of a Roman commander are those of a holy martyr-soldier, unidentified due to the loss of the attributes that would originally have been held in the figure’s hands and its unknown provenance. The size of the piece suggests that it was probably carved to preside over the main part of an altarpiece. The sculptor’s technical mastery is evident in the convincing treatment of the anatomy, with the vigour and strength of the muscles conveying a real sense of energy and resolve. The piece is attributed to Andreu Sala, one of the greatest Catalan sculptors of the second half of the 17th century.


Between 1680-1700

211 x 90 x 60 cm

Donated by Lluís Masriera

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Polychrome and gilt wood, with "estofat" (quilting)
Century: 17th
Subject: Religion
Andreu Sala - Sant guerrer - Entre 1680-1700
Sant guerrer