The Siesta

Room 42
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Ramon Martí i Alsina
Barcelona, 1826-1894
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In this work, of which a more finished version exists, Martí Alsina managed to distil the lesson learned in Paris, where he was in direct contact with realist painting, some of whose postulates he imported into Catalonia. The Siesta, painted 20 years after the paradigmatic works of French realism and with less marked characteristics, shares their portrayal of a character –in this case, an unmistakable representative of the Catalan bourgeoisie– in an inelegant attitude, the contrasting treatment of the light, the almost photographic framing and the austere palette.


Barcelona, circa 1884

53 x 56 cm

Santiago Espona Bequest, 1958

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Oil on canvas
Subject: Genre and society
Century: 19th
Ramon Martí i Alsina - La migdiada - Barcelona, cap a 1884
La migdiada