Saint Paul

Room 034
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Diego Velázquez
Seville, 1599 – Madrid, 1660
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The saint, seated, is wearing a tunic under a thick cloak. His hair is dark, his beard tinged with grey and his face deeply lined, while a halo of light around his head proclaims his sainthood. He is holding a book as a sign that he is an apostle and perhaps also an intellectual and philosopher, although he is clearly identified by the inscription at top left : 'S. PAVLVS'. This is a painting from Velázquez's youth when he was still living in Seville before entering the service of the Spanish King Philip IV in Madrid. It is considered a key work for understanding the influence of Caravaggio's pictorial realism in Spain.


Circa 1619

99.5 x 80 cm

Long-term loan from the Gil Collection, 1922; purchased 1944

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Oil on canvas
Century: 17th
Subject: Religion
Diego Velázquez - Sant Pau - Cap a 1619
Sant Pau
Diego Velázquez - Sant Pau - Cap a 1619 [1]
The exhibition «Pintura barroca. Fons del Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya», Museu Nacional, Barcelona, 1998
Diego Velázquez - Sant Pau - Cap a 1619 [2]
Installation of «Saint Paul» by Diego Velázquez at the Museu Nacional, Barcelona, 2004
Diego Velázquez - Sant Pau - Cap a 1619 [3]
The exhibition «Caravaggio i la pintura realista europea», Museu Nacional, Barcelona, 2006