Saint John the Evangelist

Room 24
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Guerau Gener
Lluís Borrassà
Barcelona [?], 1368/1369-1409/1410
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One of the key works of International Gothic in Catalonia is the Marian altarpiece from the monastery of Santes Creus. The Museum keeps the Nativity, crowned by the figure of Saint John the Evangelist, and the Resurrection of Christ, while the rest of the panels are kept in one of the chapels in Tarragona cathedral. The altarpiece was commissioned from Pere Serra but it seems he died before he could start painting it. Guerau Gener, a painter skilled in Valencian International Gothic, took his place, but following his early death the work was completed by Lluís Borrassà, one of the central figures in early Catalan International Gothic painting.



114.7 x 121 x 16.2 cm

Donated by 'Doña Pilar Rabal Rabal in memory of her husband Pedro Fontana Almeda. Barcelona, 1976'

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Top panel of the altarpiece of the Virgin. The MNAC also keeps the panel of the Nativity and the Resurrection. Most of the panels from this altarpiece are kept in a factitious assembly in Tarragona cathedral. From the high altar of the church of Santa Maria of the monastery of Santes Creus (Alt Camp).
Tempera and gold leaf on wood
Century: 15th
Subject: Religion
Guerau Gener - Sant Joan Evangelista - 1407-1411
Sant Joan Evangelista