Puig-reig hoard

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In 1964 an important deposit of 20 kilos of coins was found hidden in a farmhouse in the municipal district of Puig-reig (Berguedà). This sealed collection documents how, broadly speaking, the silver coin circulating in Catalonia in the mid-nineteenth century was dominated by foreign currency and the gold by issues from Spanish mints on the Iberian Peninsula and overseas. The hoard consisted of 781 items covering a wide chronological range going from the eighteenth century to 1855, of which 730 were silver and 51 gold. This proportion is also borne out by other finds and official monetary reports from the mid-nineteenth century.


1855 or soon after

Puig-reig hoard, purchased 1967

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Made up of 781 coins: 51 gold and 730 silver, stored in a chest. Found by chance at Can Riera, a house in Puig-reig (Berguedà), in 1964.
Century: 19th
Diverses autoritats - Tresor de Puig-reig - 1855 o poc després
Tresor de Puig-reig