Parc Cordier in Trouville

Room 52
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Louis-Eugène Boudin
Honfleur, 1824 – Deauville, 1898
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Boudin painted sea scenes almost exclusively throughout his life, especially of the coasts of Normandy and Brittany. Trouville, a fashionable seaside town of the time, was one of his favourite locations, where between 1862 and 1871 he painted his famous beach scenes of social gatherings, which were a great commercial success. Here Boudin paints with the spontaneity of a sketch, with all the elements subordinated to the light, which is spread delicately in a play of contrasts. The low line of the horizon stands out, as do the figures used as a counterpoint to suggest the magnitude of the landscape.


Circa 1880-1885

51 x 62 cm

Lluís Garriga i Roig Bequest, 1953

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Oil on canvas
Subject: Landscape
Century: 19th
Louis-Eugène Boudin - El parc Cordier a Trouville - Cap a 1880-1885
El parc Cordier a Trouville