Consecration of Saint Augustine

Room 26
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Jaume Huguet
Valls, circa 1412 – Barcelona, 1492
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In 1463 the Guild of Tanners commissioned an altarpiece from Jaume Huguet for the high altar in the church of Sant Agustí Vell in Barcelona. The unusual size of the item, one of the largest in Catalan Gothic painting, and the crisis the country was going through at the time, delayed completion of the altarpiece until 1486 and warranted involvement by several members of the Huguet workshop, and in particular by a member of the Vergós family. Eight panels from this altarpiece are preserved, seven at the Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya and another at the Museu Marès. The quality of the composition and the pictorial technique of the 'Consecration of Saint Augustine' suggest it can be considered the personal work of the great master.


Circa 1463-1470/1475

250 x 193 x 9.5 cm

Purchased 1927

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Compartment from the altarpiece of Saint Augustine. The Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya keeps seven of the eight panels from this altarpiece. The eighth, the Road to Calvary, is kept at the Museu Marès in Barcelona. It comes from the high altar of the church of the convent of Sant Agustí Vell, Barcelona.
Tempera, stucco reliefs and gold leaf on wood
Century: 15th
Subject: Religion
Jaume Huguet - Consagració de sant Agustí - Cap a 1463-1470/1475
Consagració de sant Agustí
Jaume Huguet - Consagració de sant Agustí - Cap a 1463-1470/1475 [1]
Diverses taules del «Retaule de sant Agustí» de Jaume Huguet al Museu Nacional el 2008