The Battle of Tetouan

Room 50
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Marià Fortuny
Reus, 1838 – Rome, 1874
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The painting Battle of Tetouan holds an important place in the collective imagination and social memory of many generations of Catalans.  Surrounded by a certain degree of romantic idealization, it has become an icon in Catalan culture. The Battle of Tetouan has become one of the most appreciated artworks in recent Catalan history thanks to the fascination which has excited since its arrival at Barcelona in 1875. At that time, it was considered to be a very little orthodox History painting, not following at all the traditional structures of this genre, a fact which makes it singular and extraordinary. Nevertheless, the painting is not finished due to its author’s disillusion, who regarded it as an unresolved challenge. 

Watch the video La batalla de Tetuán by Fortuny, from the atelier to the museum (5')

Watch the video Study of the painting "The battle of Tetuan" by Fortuny (3:30')


Rome, 1863-1865

300 x 972 cm

Given by the Diputació de Barcelona, 1919

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Oil on canvas
Subject: History
Century: 19th
Marià Fortuny - La batalla de Tetuan - Roma, 1863-1865
La batalla de Tetuan