Unidentifiable sketches. Èlia Llach

Unidentifiable sketches. Èlia Llach

Intervention from 10th June to 10th January 2021

EducArt Space and Room 51 of Modern Art

Activity free of charge

Contemporary perspectives

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Leaflet - pdf 1 Mb


The exhibition Unidentifiable sketches, by Èlia Llach, is the result of the research and visits to the Cabinet of Drawings and Prints that the artist has carried out and in which some of the sketches and preparatory drawings, which caught her eye, by the painter Marià Fortuny classified as Unidentifiable sketches. In this apparently contradictory terminology she makes reference to sketches difficult to identify, often done on the back of other drawings, fragments or sometimes simply the outlines by the artist exercising the hand, prior to beginning a drawing.  In any case, the term and nature of these drawings connected directly with the concerns of the artist and with her practice of drawing, materialised here in a large-sized drawing in which thought, the word and lines are mixed, and in which the "unidentifiable" line is the protagonist. 

Her intervention can be seen in the rooms of the modern art collection (room 51), where the artist asks us to turn round a drawing by Fortuny to show the back, an unidentifiable sketch which is not usually exhibited.  The exhibition can be visited from 10th June to 10th January 2021.

Activity carried out with the collaboration of the Cabinet of Drawings and Prints.


Dibuix d'Èlia Llach