The Testament of Dr.Mabuse, BCNegra 2016 (V.O.S)

The Testament of Dr.Mabuse, BCNegra 2016 (V.O.S)


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Projection of the movie The testament of Dr. Mabuse (Fritz Lang, 1933), about a criminal lover of costumes.
Synopsis: The inspector Lohmann is called by a member of the Policeman's Department to report a case of falsification. Nevertheless, before it could testify and reveal the details of the crime, it becomes mad because of an attempt. Lohmann's investigations immediately lead it up to the doctor Mabuse, but the famous criminal is imprisoned in a mental clinic a lot time ago, which director, the doctor Baum, is an eminent psychiatrist who is fascinated for the genius of Mabuse and for his legacy: a kind of testament in which describes the way that it is necessary to found the Empire of the Crime. (FILMAFFINITY)

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