Christmas Artistic Adventures

Christmas Artistic Adventures

22 and 29 of December of 2018 and 5 of January of 2019, 11 h. Free. 

From 11 to 12.30 h

Permanent Collection

The halls in the museum hide infinite stories and tales. These dynamic visits follow the idea of the "choose your own adventure" books, but focusing towards the general public. Therefore, they are presented as a game for the visitors where they will be able to choose their own route with two art historians. With the same start point and Christmas as the connecting thread, you will decide during your trip your own artistic adventure following some subjects and themes before others and separating ways. This is a proposal for a different and new way of a guided tour, ludic and fun, to discover the museum collection. 

Activity hosted by Natalia Esquinas and Martí Casas, art historians.

Information and reservation: 

Duration of the activity: 1h 30min aprox. 

Mandatory Online inscription

Limited access 


Frontal d'altar d'Avià (detall), Anònim, cap a 1200