The ancient currency. XXVIII Documentation course

The ancient currency. XXVIII Documentation course

From 17 to 20 h

Sala de Consulta del Gabinet Numismàtic de Catalunya

30 €. Students, retired people and Amics del museu, 24 €


The Numismatic Cabinet of Catalonia organizes this course to spread the bases of the documentation of the ancient numismatics. The course has a duration of 15 hours divided in 5 sessions. In the first class will be explained the methodological bases of the discipline like, for example, the production of cards of coins or how it is necessary to interpret the monetary exchequers. The three other meetings consist of two parts: theoretical lessons concerning the Greek numismatics, roman republican, Hispanic Roman and imperial Roman, and practical meetings of identification and classification of each one of these monetary series from the original pieces and the library of the Cabinet. The last session is an theoretical approach and practical of analysis not destructive of metals with X-rays. 

Course recognised by the Departament d’Ensenyament of the Generalitat de Catalunya as an activity of ongoing training aimed at teachers.



Coordinator: Albert Estrada-Rius, Curator of the Numismatic Cabinet of Catalonia

Tuesday on March 14: Questions of methodology

Tuesday on March 21: The Greek currency and the Roman republican

Tuesday on March 28: The currency of Hispania

Tuesday on April 4: The currency of the Roman Empire

Tuesday on April 18: The metal of the currency, identification for the analysis not destructive of X-rays



Dra. Marta Campo, Ex curator of the Numismatic Cabinet of Catalonia

Dra. Maria Clua, Assistant of conservation of the Numismatic Cabinet of Catalonia 

Dr. Ignasi Queralt, Investigative Scientist. Geoscience department, IDAEA/CSIC. Council of Cientific Research

Sr. Joan Pujol, Bachelor of Chemical Sciencies. Technical director, Fischer Instruments SA

With the collaboration of


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The Numismatic Cabinet of Catalonia

T. 93 622 03 60

Monday to Friday, de 9 a 14 h

[email protected]

Places limited to 12 people

The matriculation give right to a publication about the content of the course and certificate of assistance

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  2. to deposit an amount of matriculation to the current account addressed to the Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya (núm. IBAN ES40 2100 0974 89 0200035583)

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