7th Art: Cinema at the museum. Screening of “Girl Power” (2016)

7th Art: Cinema at the museum. Screening of “Girl Power” (2016)

Saturday March 24,

at 7 pm, for free

Oval Room

Free Entry

PDF icon Programa (pdf - 293kb)

Programa (pdf - 293kb)


Cinema is already a part of the museum’s DNA, hand in hand with the Filmoteca de Catalunya and its Conservation and Restoration Center, has included for a while projections in the rooms of the permanent collection.

The museum programs films related to the themes of the museum: collections, temporary exhibitions, biographies of artists, works of art, the creative process, the museum as an institution, etc.

As part of the activities around International Women's Day, we will offer you Girl Power. Directed by Jan Zajícek and Sany, Girl Power is a documentary about women artists, graffiti writers, from 15 cities - from Prague, through Madrid, Berlin or Barcelona, to New York. The graffiti community is predominantly male, and men's vision is often that graffiti - 'the illegal kind' - is not for girls. Girl Power shows us the stories of ladies who have triumphed in the masculine world of graffiti.




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Free admission without registration.

Movie in VOSE (Original Version Subtitled in Spanish)