Destruction and safeguarding of heritage

INAUGURAL TALK — The museum and war. Safeguarding and putting in order heritage in turbulent times

14th July at 6 pm

Price: Free of charge without registration.
Location: Online in the YouTube channel of the museum

Given by: Mireia Capdevila Candell and Francesc Vilanova Vila-Abadal, curators of the exhibition.

ACADEMIC CONFERENCE — The museum in danger!

Thursday 14th October at 10 am

Price: Free with prior registration.
Location: Online

With the participation of Arturo Colorado (UCM), Francisco Gracia and Glòria Munilla (UB), Joaquim Nadal (ICRPC) and Rebeca Saavedra (UC).
Scientific coordination: Joaquim Nadal, Catalan Institute of Cultural Heritage Research


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