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The museum offers a series of free-of-charge apps for your mobile devices suitable for carrying out a different visit, more complete and interactive.

Second Canvas

A new way of visiting the museum and exploring the works through super high-resolution images. Enjoy a new experience and rediscover the museum by means of an interactive storytelling.


This is an app for travellers and culture lovers looking for new ways to experience culture. Discover different tours of the museum, and of other museums included in the platform.


WiFi Zones: Vestibule, Oval Hall, Temporary Exhibitions Rooms, Auditoriums, Library, Dome Hall, Cafeteria and Restaurant.

Occasionally, some works may not be in their usual place.

In some rooms the lighting and temperature are low. We have done this to ensure the colours of the works are not altered, or in some cases, ensure they do not disappear, and we maintain stable environmental conditions to conserve the works being exhibited. Thank you for your collaboration. Together we can protect our heritage.

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© Salvador Dalí, Fundació Gala-Salvador Dalí, VEGAP, Barcelona, 2019

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