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Here there are dragons (Art Jove 2019)

Fancín "Aquí hay dragones" - Art Jove 2019

Here there are dragons is a research work by the Colectivo Caiser, which becomes a journey through the mountain of Montjuïc in search of monstrosities that make the definition of heritage complex. The route is made up of five geographical coordinates: the Museu Nacional, the Font del Diable, the Foixarda reservoir, the Botanical Garden and the Montjuïc cemetery. At each coordinate a construction of monstrosity is explored, the interpretation is based on two readings that situate the concept in different territories and historical moments and are connected by an artwork of the museum.

The project is materialised in the fanzine Aquí hay dragones, produced thanks to the collaboration between the Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya and the Sala d'Art Jove.

Download the digital publication of the fanzine Aquí hay dragones (pdf in Spanish - 14,3 Mb).

A different handling of pain (Art Jove 2018)

A different handling of pain” presents an audio and text itinerary, an alternative visit to the museum through a selection of 10 works of the museum. The audiostories and texts we propose aim to update the museum narratives in an inclusive way through gender, race, class, ableness, age and coloniality lens. Also, to offer a perspective of marginalised groups and alterised people that are often unrepresented in the official conversation.

A work by ivaquetxuta (Oriol Fuster Cabrera) and produced thanks to the collaboration between Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya and Sala d’Art Jove.

Project presentation: September 19, 6.30 p.m. Free entry.

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Subject: a strong intuition (Art Jove 2017)

The El Bruc school gives its mural of "Sol Lewitt" to the Museu Nacional, a manoeuvre promoted by the artists Aldo Urbano and Daniel Moreno Roldán.

The artists make a perpetual donation of the new mural to the Museum's Department of Education.

To know more, read the activity.

Our Raval. Photographic project for youths

Project with youths from 14 to 16 years old developed within the framework of the exhibition I work the street. Joan Colom, photographs 1957-2010

Between 1958 and 1961 Joan Colom went deep into the neighbourhood of the Raval with his camera to capture (furtively) the life of its streets and people.  He did so with the look of someone who explores a reality unknown to him.

Fifty years later, youths from the Institut Milà i Fontanals and of the project Franja Raval from the Casal of Barri Folch i Torres,  both located in the neighbourhood of the Raval, face with the photographer Mònica Roselló and with the collaboration of the Association Abao A Qu the photographs of Colom and take it from there. They photograph the streets, the houses, the lives of their neighbourhood.  

Photo workshop for youth


  • To provide the participants with the possibility to discover the photography of Joan Colom through a methodology based on the links between seeing and doing, looking at photographs and taking them.
  • To motivate the photographic creation of the participants as a tool of expression, for rediscovering their surroundings, and as a motor of reflection about photographic heritage.
  • To create a portrait of Raval through a photographic vision of its youths.
  • To foster a reflection based around the photographic capacity for generating a discourse about the city.


  • Presentation of the work of Joan Colom in a visit of the participants to the exhibition of the Museu Nacional.
  • Development of the photographic projects by the participants.  After an introduction to the tools and expressive resources of photography, in various sessions, the photographer Mònica Roselló will accompany and guide the research of the participants. The sessions will be structured around various lines of photographic research (portraits, spaces, tours, etc.) and of commentaries about the photographs and projects that the participants will do by themselves. 
  • Selection and edition of the photographs for the exhibition.  The person in charge of the workshop will accompany the participants in this process that will be carried out in the Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya, as well as in the conception and planning of the exhibiting of the photographic works.
  • Exhibition and presentation of the photographic works in the space educArt of the Museu Nacional at the beginning of May.






What do these two images placed side by side inspire in you? Choose an image from our collections and build your pairs, write a slogan that relates them and send it to We will post it on our virtual gallery and/or in our Flickr Group.


Stoning of Saint Stephen

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