Community programmes

Community programmes


The museum has the commitment to widen the access of people to culture and for this reason collaborates with other cultural, educational and social entities.

Museum Space in Common

Audio-visual maps of the city, a new space aimed at people with cognitive disabilities or functional diversity sponsored by the Fundació “la Caixa” –Art for social improvement (2013 call).

The proposal has as a reference the retrospective exhibition about the photographer Joan Colom (I work the street. Joan Colom, photographs 1957-2010) which will be a starting point to do a work of reflection and artistic creation about the city, the neighbourhood and the relation of the participants with the spaces of the city.

The project will be carried out by professionals from the world of cinema, from the team of Cinema en curs (A Bao A Qu) and accompanied by Mar Morón, who will work with the users and educators from the centres that participate in the development of the creative proposals.

The project aims to fulfil two fundamental aims:

  • To facilitate the acquisition, by the participants, of some expressive resources from photography, sound and audiovisual montage.
  • To generate a visual and sound map based on the everyday experiences of the participants, which make known what their visions are of the city.

It will be carried out over 4 months in various sessions and will take place in the centres and in the museum and two training days aimed at the users and the creators themselves.  The project will finish in November or December 2014, with the public presentation of the short audiovisual pieces jointly created by the participants and the professionals from the cinema  and a day of reflection about the use of leisure time of people with functional diversity.

Art and mental health

We welcome initiatives from other entities for broadening the participation and access to artistic heritage.

Apropa Cultura

Socio-educative program of cultural facilities that address the social centres and associations working with people at risk of social exclusion. It facilitates the access of these groups to the regular programming of the different facilities at a reduced price (in Spanish).

We offer a specialized program (in Spanish) for children at risk of social exclusion, for children with intellectual disabilities and for family audiences, inclusive, which spans from free visits to the collection and the temporary exhibitions in the course up to visits workshop such as the The dance of the bestiary,, I spy with my little eye... many hats and Portraits and Selfportraits, as well as guided visits to the collection..





Preparatory and training session for professionals

We organise working groups trained by educators from vocational training centres, special education schools, and professionals from the museum to share experiences that contribute new knowledge and ways of approaching artistic heritage from universal accessibility


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