Toses baldachin

Room 7
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Anonymous. Catalonia. La Seu d'Urgell 1200 workshop
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This modern reconstruction of the baldachin of Toses is from 1934. There are original both spandrel of the front arch, painted by both faces, and the capital of the column of the right, which comes from another church. The reconstruction allows to observe the structure of a baldachin - templete of wood, modest version of the big baldachin of stone or goldsmithing that existed in other churches.


First third of 13th century

488 x 238 x 216 cm

Plandiura Collection, purchased 1932

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The present structure of the baldachin includes two original spandrels and a wooden capital that was not part of the same item; the remaining elements are modern. According to the documentation, the baldachin comes from the church of Sant Cristòfol de Toses (Ripollès). The capital is of unknown origin.
Tempera, stucco reliefs and remains of varnished metal plate on wood
Century: 13th
Subject: Religion
Anònim. Catalunya. Taller de la Seu d'Urgell del 1200 - Baldaquí de Toses - Primer terç del segle XIII
Baldaquí de Toses