Still life, 136

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Toni Catany
Llucmajor, 1942 – Barcelona, 2013
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Among the genres cultivated by Toni Catany,still life is the one most often associated with his name.  The floral compositions in colour mainly produced in the eighties made him known internationally. 

Catany approached still life in the seventies, when he explored the possibilities of the calotype, among other things because the subject, immobile by nature, allowed him to do the long exhibitions that this technique required. 

Generally the point of view is frontal, with the main object of the composition in the centre and occupying most of the painting.  The details  end up giving sense to the image are discovered by letting you take a glance over the rest of the painting, while letting yourself be seduced by the aesthetics. Reflections in a mirror, a glass screen, flowing tulle, sets of contrasts are then discovered.   



57.5 x 47.5 cm

Donated by the artist, 2000

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Chromogenic print
Subject: Still life
Century: 20th
Toni Catany - Natura morta, 136 - 1987
Natura morta, 136