Saint James the Great

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Anonymous. Castile
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This is a remarkable sculpture of Saint James the Greater, portrayed as a pilgrim. Besides the book that he is holding in his hand, hidden by the cloak, and which is associated with his rank as an apostle, he is wearing the characteristic wide-brimmed hat with the scallop in the centre. He must also have been holding the staff, which has been lost due to the mutilation suffered by the right hand. Along with the remarkable treatment of the folds in the clothing notice the quality of the beautiful face, with its filigree curly beard.


First half of the 15th century

119 x 39 cm

Plandiura collection, purchased 1932

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From Amusco (Palencia)
Carved alabaster with remains of polychrome
Century: 15th
Subject: Religion
Anònim. Castella - Sant Jaume el Major - Primera meitat del segle XV
Sant Jaume el Major