Saint Candidus

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Ayne Bru
Lummen, dukedom of Brabant, documented in Catalonia, 1500-1507
Lummen, Duchy of Brabant, documented in Catalonia 1500-1507
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The knight, standing, is dressed in dark armour with a shield, halberd and sword, a fur-lined green tabard, a purple stole and a red cap with a medal featuring the bust of Christ. This is Saint Candidus, a warrior in the Theban legion who was martyred along with Saint Maurice. Like the panel of the 'Martyrdom of Saint Cucuphas', this painting was part of the old high altarpiece in the monastery of Sant Cugat del Vallès. Ayne Bru, one of the most important names from the Catalan Cinquecento, was a painter of Central-European origin and training whose work speaks for the influence of Flemish culture and of the art produced in Venice in the period straddling the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries.



182 x 88 x 7 cm

Muntadas Collection, purchased 1956

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Comes from the monastery of Sant Cugat del Vallès (Vallès Occidental).
Oil, stucco reliefs and gold leaf on wood
Century: 16th
Subject: Religion
Ayne Bru - Sant Càndid - 1502-1507
Sant Càndid
Ayne Bru - Sant Càndid - 1502-1507 [1]
Ayne Bru, «Martiri de Sant Cugat», 1502-1507, oli sobre fusta. Procedeix del monestir de Sant Cugat del Vallès (Vallès Occidental), Museu Nacional
Ayne Bru - Sant Càndid - 1502-1507 [2]
Instal·lació de «Sant Càndid» i el «Martiri de sant Cugat» d’Ayne Bru al Museu d’Art de Catalunya, Palau Nacional, 1986
Ayne Bru - Sant Càndid - 1502-1507 [3]
Instal·lació de «Sant Càndid» d’Ayne Bru al Museu Nacional, Barcelona, 2004