Pieces from the cloister of Sant Pere de les Puel·les

Room 8
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Sant Pere de les Puel·les was the most important feminine monastery of the medieval Barcelona. The monastic dependences, where from the exposed pieces come, were demolished in 1837. They are an example of a Romanesque sculpture of well-known simplicity, which it is find inside the plastic currents from Barcelona of ends of the 12th century. The museographic presentation in the shape of gallery claustral is an assembly of 1934 that uses numerous pieces proceeding from the remains of the original cloister, and that is completed with perceptible modern addition.


After 1187

210 x 347 x 90 cm

Former collections of the Museu Provincial d'Antiguitats de Barcelona, 1879

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Museographic presentation of a cloister gallery made from various surviving original elements. From the lower cloister of the former monastery of Sant Pere de les Puel·les, Barcelona.
Carved Montjuïc stone with later polychrome remains and restoration work with artificial stone
Century: 12th
Anònim - Peces del claustre de Sant Pere de les Puel·les - Posterior a 1187
Peces del claustre de Sant Pere de les Puel·les