Petrus cross

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Cross procesional of Castilian origin - from Leon, in the shape of Latin cross, promoted and with the hilarri. Originally it was going set up to five of crystal of rock, four of which, those of the ends of cross arms have got lost, whereas the central, spherical piece and of major shape remains. The surface of the cross is decorated by vegetable motives, in the shape of you veer round. Thanks to three inscriptions placed in the top arm and in the ends of the travesero of the cross, we know the name of the promoter of the work, Petrus, and the date in which this one have should to be dedicated, the year 1122. It is a question, therefore of a fullly Romanesque work that inserts in the long tradition of Hispanic crosses, but richly adorned, characteristics so much of the Visigothic epoch of the monarchy native of Asturias from Leon. Petrus's Cross is a late and evolved example, and of average quality, of this long tradition. 

Precious metals

Castile or León, 1122 (according to the inscription)

47.8 x 39 x 3.4 cm

Purchased 1906

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Provenance unknown
Chased and gilded bronze, with encrusted rock crystal
Century: 12th
Anònim - Creu de Petrus - Castella o Lleó, 1122 (d'acord amb la inscripció)
Creu de Petrus