Paintings from Pedret

Room 3
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Master of Pedret
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End of 11th century – beginning of 12th century

Purchased by the Junta de Museus in the 1919-1923 campaign

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The mural series is made up of the paintings in the two side apses, plus those in the central apse, to be found in the Museu Diocesà i Comarcal de Solsona (which also keeps part of the earlier Pre-Romanesque decoration) and remains in situ. From the church of Sant Quirze de Pedret (Cercs, Berguedà).
Fresco transferred to canvas
Century: 12th
Century: 11th
Subject: Religion
Mestre de Pedret - Pintures de Pedret - Finals del segle XI – inicis del segle XII
Pintures de Pedret