Herod's Banquet

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Pedro García de Benabarre
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Documented in Zaragoza, Benabarre, Barcelona, Lleida and Barbastro, 1445-1485
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Salome presents the head of John the Baptist to Herod and his mother Herodias. The scene takes place in a room that refers to a noble house of the 15th century. A musician plays in the scene, with a large number of figures in attendance wearing jewellery made in gilded plaster relief and clothes in the fashion of the period. The guests of honour, Herod and Herodias, crowned, are arranged in front of a brocade tapestry, sitting at a laid table on which poultry and other food can be seen. In a dresser, standing on the left-hand side of the table, several pieces of crockery are displayed.

Works of the set.


Saint Michael Archangel, Pedro García de Benabarre, 1455-1480. Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum (Boston).


Circa 1470

197.5 x 125.7 x 6.4 cm

Muntadas collection, purchased 1956

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Compartment of an altarpiece dedicated to Saint John the Baptist. The museum keeps five more panels from the same work. Another panel with Saint Michael is kept at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum (Boston) and the whereabouts of other pieces is unknown. From the parish church of Sant Joan del Mercat de Lleida.
Tempera, stucco reliefs and gold leaf on wood
Century: 15th
Subject: Religion
Pere Garcia de Benavarri - Banquet d'Herodes - Cap a 1473-1482
Banquet d'Herodes