Hell from Santa Maria de Taüll

Room 9
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Master of the Day of Judgement
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After 1123

290 x 435 cm

Purchased by the Junta de Museus in the 1919-1923 campaign

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From the south wall, part of the series comprising the decoration of the apse and the triumphal arches, the side, the arches, the walls and columns, remains of another Hell in the reserve collection and a fragment of the Bath of the Child kept at Sant Climent de Taüll. From the church of Santa Maria de Taüll (Vall de Boí, Alta Ribagorça).
Fresco transferred to canvas
Century: 12th
Subject: Religion
Mestre del Judici Final - Infern de Santa Maria de Taüll - Després de 1123
Infern de Santa Maria de Taüll