Figures of the Descent from the Cross from Santa Maria de Taüll

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Set of four figures carved in wood, originally polychrome, that used to be part of a group of a Descent from the Cross, most likely compound of seven figures. It’s about the Crucified, probably later and very transformed in post-Romanic times, of Mary, Joseph of Arimathea and one of the thieves, most likely Dimes.


Second half of 12th century - 13th century

Plandiura Collection, purchased 1932

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Set of four figures from a Descent from the Cross. From the parish church of Santa Maria de Taüll (La Vall de Boí, Alta Ribagorça).
Wood carving with tempera polychrome remains
Century: 13th
Century: 12th
Subject: Religion
Anònim - Figures del Davallament de Santa Maria de Taüll - Segona meitat del segle XII – segle XIII
Figures del Davallament de Santa Maria de Taüll