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Bishopric of Vic
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Numismatic evidence and documentary accounts mean we can follow the issues by the Bishops of Vic during the long period from the tenth century until the beginning of the fourteenth. The typologies used in these issues are very varied and a point in common is the predominance of religious iconographic types. The most emblematic item in the series, though, is the one referred to in documents of the time as the diner dels bous (ox coins). This is one of the finest early medieval mintings in Europe, on account of both its high technical quality and the beauty of the design. The obverse shows the Apostles Saint Peter and Saint Paul holding a processional cross, while on the reverse there is a man ploughing the land with the help of a pair of oxen.


Second half of 11th century

Former collections of the Numismatic Cabinet of Catalonia

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15 mm
6 h
1.03 g
S. PETRVS- S.PAVLVS (second part retrograde).
Busts of Saint Peter and Saint Paul face to face holding a cross.
Man leading a pair of oxen.
Century: 11th
Bisbat de Vic - Diner - Segona meitat del segle XI