Cross from Bagergue

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Cross of polychrome wood, in the figure of a 'T' with the ends finished in rectangles.  The back has a border with a plaster relief with the rest of the plaques of tin with ornamented varnish with vegetal scrolls and arms and with imitation stonework around the central disk. On the upper part of the 'T' there is an inscription related to Jesus.  On this side of the cross, there was a carving of a Christ crucified that hasn't been conserved.  
The sides are ornamented with squares drawn in white, in a checkered way, that alternate a background of red and black. 

On the back, in the central circle, the image of Agnus Dei is represented on a blue background with a cruciferous halo, carrying the cross and standard belonging to the resurrection.  On the vertical crossbar arms and at the extremes of the cross, there runs a blue background and between yellow lines there are some inscriptions that remember the prayers of the mass in the moment of the Eucharist and invoke the Lamb of God (Oh, Lamb of God, who takes away the sins from the world, have pity on us!) as well as the allusion to the victory of Christ over Evil and Death (Snake) and the double human nature (Ram) and the divine Lord (Lion). 

It is stylistically related to the polychrome Cross of Sant Pèir d’Escunhau (la Vall d’Aran). The use of plaster reliefs with the remains of tin plaques with varnish, its ornamental repertoire and animated character of the lamb approach the work to the first years of the 13th century.


Circa 1200

126 x 100 x 4.5 cm

Plandiura Collection, purchased 1932

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From the parish church of Sant Feliu de Bagergue (Alt Aran, Val d'Aran).
Tempera, stucco reliefs and remains of varnished metal plate on wood
Century: 12th
Subject: Religion
Anònim - Creu de Bagergue - Cap a 1200
Creu de Bagergue