Capital from Sant Miquel de Fluvià

Room 8
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Capital decorated with figures, presenting a mermaid-fish on each of the four sides. Its composition, strictly symmetrical, shows the beings frontally, with a forked tail that is curved and points towards the corners; the ends of the tail are held by the corresponding hands, which at the same time hold a fish, with the head pointing down. The scheme is developed on a smooth background and connects with a smooth fine abacus, with slightly projecting volumes that evoke the corner dice of other capitals. There are no signs of the existence of a neck. The relief shows the clear volumes, with the details marked superficially, and it maintains a certain roughness, almost certainly, and in part, due to the type of stone used.

Capitals from the site conserved in the museum

For more information consult the article by Jordi Camps in the blog: Three Romanesque capitals from Sant Miquel de Fluvià identified in the Museu Nacional


First third of the 12th century

41 x 40 x 40 cm

Purchased, 1906

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Part of a group of three capitals linked to the ensemble (with 24018 and 24019) of which other remains of the same monument and their surroundings are preserved. Proceeds from the cloister of the former monastery of Sant Miquel de Fluvià (Alt Empordà)
Stone carving
Subject: Mythology
Century: 12th
Anònim - Capitell amb sirenes de Sant Miquel de Fluvià - Primer terç del segle XII
Capitell amb sirenes de Sant Miquel de Fluvià