Capital from Sant Miquel de Fluvià

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Capital decorated with a floral composition, derived from old Corinthian, which is repeated regularly on all four sides. The lower level contains broad smooth leaves, centred at the corners, from which emerges and hangs an oval-shaped fruit; this row connects with the one above it through a trefoil palmette, behind which emerge the volutes pointing towards the corners. The area of the abacus reproduces the habitual scheme of dice. Beneath the middle one there is a motif hard to identify due to the erosion of the relief. The lower part of the piece is badly damaged, so there are no signs of the existence of the neck (which does not appear on the other two capitals from the same place). The relief shows the clear volumes and maintains a certain roughness, almost certainly, and in part, due to the type of stone used.


Capitals from the site conserved in the museum

For more information consult the article by Jordi Camps in the blog: Three Romanesque capitals from Sant Miquel de Fluvià identified in the Museu Nacional


First third of the 12th century

43 x 41 x 39 cm

Purchased, 1906

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Stone carving
Subject: Plant motif
Century: 12th
Part of a group of three capitals linked to the ensemble (with 24018 and 24019) of which other remains of the same monument and their surroundings are preserved. Proceeds from the cloister of the former monastery of Sant Miquel de Fluvià (Alt Empordà)
Anònim - Capital from Sant Miquel de Fluvià - First third of the 12th century
Capital from Sant Miquel de Fluvià