Calvary and Christ in Majesty

Room 19
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Anonymous. Castile
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This panel comes from the grave of Sancho Sánchez Carrillo and his wife Juana, in the hermit of San Andrés de Mahamud (Burgos). They were made around 1295, at the time in which the burial permission was given. This piece is a part of an extraordinary ensemble from the early Castilian Gothic style from which we only preserve eight panels, all of them in the Museu Nacional, and the reclining image of the knight, preserved in the Cincinnati Art Museum (Ohio).

The pictorial ensemble of panels comprises four panels with mourners or weepers, two panels with heraldry shields, one with scenes of the Virgin Mary (the Annunciation, the Nativity, Dormition and Coronation) and a last one with scenes of the Crucifixion and Jesus Christ surrounded of the four evangelist symbols. The weepers, dressed in the traditional striped mourning clothes, cry excessively, pull their hair out and they even scratch their own faces to bleed in order to show their sorrow.


Circa 1295

55 x 77.3 x 4.5 cm

Plandiura Collection, purchased 1932

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Part of a set of eight panels. They come from the decoration on the tomb of the knight Sancho Sánchez Carrillo in the chapel of San Andrés de Mahamud (Burgos).
Tempera on parchment mounted on wood
Century: 13th
Subject: Religion
Anònim. Castella - Calvari i Crist en Majestat - Cap a 1295
Calvari i Crist en Majestat
Anònim. Castella - Calvari i Crist en Majestat - Cap a 1295 [1]
Reconstrucción virtual de las tumbas de Mahamud © Laboratorio de Fotogrametría Arquitectónica de la Universidad de Valladolid según propuesta de Fernando Gutiérrez Baños
Anònim. Castella - Calvari i Crist en Majestat - Cap a 1295 [2]
Llegada de las pinturas de Mahamud al Palau Nacional desde la casa Plandiura, 1932 © Arxiu Fotogràfic de Barcelona