Birth of Saint John the Baptist

Currently on long-term loan in the Museu de Lleida: diocesà i comarcal
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Pedro García de Benabarre
Documented in Zaragoza, Benabarre, Barcelona, Lleida and Barbastro, 1445-1485
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Inside a room with a wood beamed ceiling, several damsels surround the mother of the Newborn baby, Saint Elizabeth, offering her food and drink. The new mother is lying on the bed, praying, accompanied by the Virgin Mary who, in the foreground, is holding Saint John the Baptist on her lap. Next to her a maid is heating some nappies over a lit brazier.

Works of the set.


Saint Michael Archangel, Pedro García de Benabarre, 1455-1480. Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum (Boston).


Circa 1473-1482

196.5 x 122 x 7 cm

Purchased 1907

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Tempera on wood
Subject: Religion
Century: 15th
Compartment of an altarpiece dedicated to Saint John the Baptist. The museum keeps five more panels from the same work. Another panel with Saint Michael is kept at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum (Boston) and the whereabouts of other pieces is unknown. From the parish church of Sant Joan del Mercat de Lleida.
Pere Garcia de Benavarri - Naixement de sant Joan Baptista - Cap a 1473-1482
Naixement de sant Joan Baptista