Apostles from Àger: Thaddeus and James

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Master of Pedret
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Of the group of mural works known as the Pedret Circle, the paintings from Sant Pere in Àger bear a special likeness to the apse figures of the former Cathedral of Saint-Lizier, in Couserans (France), the only work from this group preserved outside the Catalan territory. Stylistically, the so-called Pedret Ciricle paintings are of an extraordinary quality, in this case with the two magnificent Apostles dressed in classical attire. The church of Sant Pere in Àger was the seat of a community of Augustinian canons which possessed vast territorial domains and was one of the main centres of political and religious power in the south of the Urgell County. 


End of 11th century – beginning of 12th century

280 x 144.5 x 4.5 cm

Donated by Amics dels Museus, 1958

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Part of the decoration of the central apse, the principal and most complete of the total of 19 surviving fragments of mural painting, from the side apse and other parts of the building, most of them with few pictorial remains. From the canonical, and later collegiate church of Sant Pere d'Àger (Noguera).
Fresco transferred to canvas
Century: 12th
Century: 11th
Subject: Religion
Mestre de Pedret - Apòstols d'Àger: Tadeu i Jaume - Finals del segle XI – inicis del segle XII
Apòstols d'Àger: Tadeu i Jaume