Angels fighting the dragon, from Tubilla del Agua

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Anonymous. Castile
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The Tubilla del Agua mural paintings reveal the artistic contacts that existed between the different territories on the Iberian Peninsula, especially between Catalonia, Aragon and Castile, since they share the same style as the paintings at Santa Maria de Taüll. They depict two angels fighting a dragon, a relatively recurrent theme in Romanesque art. Specifically it might refer to the angels’ struggle against the forces of evil, as related in the Apocalypse. The figures are rendered with elegance, especially the one on the right, who would be the Archangel Michael, to whom the church where the paintings were originally located is dedicated.


First half of the 12th century

125 x 160.5 x 4.5 cm

Long-term loan from the Generalitat de Catalunya. National Art Collection. Settlement of the Collection of Don Antonio Gallardo Ballart, 2015

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Fresco transferred to canvas
Subject: Religion
Century: 12th
From the former church of San Miguel de Tubilla del Agua (Burgos)
Anònim. Castella - Àngels en lluita amb el drac, de Tubilla del Agua - Primera meitat del segle XII
Àngels en lluita amb el drac, de Tubilla del Agua