Altar frontal from Sant Romà de Vila

Room 7
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Anonymous. Catalonia. La Seu d'Urgell 1200 workshop
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First third of 13th century

112 x 123.5 x 8 cm

Purchased 1922

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Belongs to the decoration of an altar along with a frontal and a side, kept at the MNAC. Two posts that are later than the sides are kept at the Patrimoni Artístic Nacional d'Andorra. From the church of Sant Romà de Vila (Encamp, Andorra).
Tempera, stucco reliefs and remains of varnished metal plate on cloth-mounted wood
Century: 13th
Subject: Religion
Anònim. Catalunya. Taller de la Seu d'Urgell del 1200 - Frontal d'altar de Sant Romà de Vila - Primer terç del segle XIII
Frontal d'altar de Sant Romà de Vila