Adoration of Christ with the Ayala Family

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Juan de Roelas

Flandes, circa 1570 – Olivares, 1625

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The scene shows the Adoration of Christ, but seen from a particular point of view. The Child Jesus is usually shown being adored after his birth by either the Three Kings or the Shepherds (a shepherd appears here with a lamb over his shoulder in the top right hand corner). Aside from the usual figures, in this case we also find four members of a family that, in the foreground, eclipse the religious theme. Dressed luxuriously, they are making a spectacular offering. Two wolves on a coat of arms that hangs from the jewellery enable us to identify the Ayala family. In fact, it could be Antonio Francisco de Fonseca y Ayala, 1st Count of Ayala.


Between 1600-1610

225 x 188 cm

Purchased 1905

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Oil on canvas
Subject: Religion
Subject: Portrait
Century: 17th
Juan de Roelas - Adoració de Crist amb la família Ayala - Entre 1600-1610
Adoració de Crist amb la família Ayala